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Real estate investing can seem overwhelming or even scary. Still, armed with the right investment strategies and tips, you can turn the risks and uncertainty of property investment into some of the biggest wealth generators in your investment portfolio. At Strat Prop, we love working with clients to help them with their real estate investing strategy. Whether you are just getting started with property investments or are looking to take your real estate portfolio to the next level, we can lend a hand. In this post, we will provide some basic tips on how to become a property investor. Remember, though, that you never have to go it alone with finding or capitalizing on property investments. You can always give us a call for advice.

Tips on Getting More Value out of Property Investments

Perhaps the biggest mistake that first-time property investors make is assuming that any piece of real estate can be a good investment. In truth, just as you would do your due diligence when buying a business or even just comparing a few potential stock investments, it’s important to do your homework before diving into a new real estate investment. Here are a few tips to help you find high-return property investments:

  • Look for investment hotspots. People often talk about the real estate market as if it is one thing. While nationwide or global factors can affect the market as a whole, it’s typically more productive to look at the real estate market in terms of smaller geographical segments. Cities, towns, suburbs, districts, neighbourhoods: looking at real estate on these more granular levels is the best way to spot markets that are trending in the upward direction and that offer an investor the potential for a big return. At Strat Prop, we use comprehensive data analysis to help clients achieve meaningful market segmentation and identify real estate markets throughout the nation with powerful growth driving factors.
  • Do your due diligence. Knowing that you are buying a property in a growth-positive market is the first step towards building wealth through property investment. However, remember that not every property—even in a high-value, fast-growing neighbourhood—is necessarily going to be a great investment. It’s still important to do your due diligence and make sure you aren’t saddling yourself with unforeseen expenses. Problems like a sinking foundation, a pest infestation, outdated wiring, or water damage can sometimes be masked to potential buyers but will rear their ugly head sooner or later. We provide thorough property inspections and due diligence processes for our clients, to make sure that you know all the relevant information about the property before you buy. Sometimes, there can be investment potential in buying a ‘fixer-upper,’ renovating the property and flipping it for a profit. Even if this approach is your goal, though, it’s still important to know precisely what you are getting yourself into and how much money you may need to invest to get the property into resale shape.
  • Look for dual-income property investment opportunities. Duplexes or other multi-unit real estate assets are popular for investors for a simple reason: they offer the opportunity of having two (or more) separate rental agreements. They can also allow the investor (you) to earn two (or more) incomes from a single property investment. These types of properties are good ones to look for as you seek out potential property investments.

How to Buy Investment Property with No Deposit (and Other Important Investment Strategies and Tips)

If there’s one thing that keeps potential investors away from real estate as an avenue for building wealth, it’s the risk involved. For most people, buying a house is the biggest investment they will ever make. The value of a real estate purchase often uses up a significant portion of a person’s savings or month-to-month income. Taking this risk, not for a primary residence, but an investment property can be too risky for some would-be investors to stomach. With that point in mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that many prospective clients come to us wondering if they can buy an investment property, no deposit needed. Here’s how we facilitate such an outcome for our clients:

  • We look for imminent growth markets. Our approach is to use data to predict which markets haven’t had their ‘growth spurt’ in demand and value yet, but where metrics indicate an imminent spike of growth. By helping our clients invest in a property in one of these markets, we not only help ease the risk of the high-value investment, but we also open them up to potentially being able to buy an investment property with no deposit.
  • We guide you on how to use equity to buy an investment property. If you are wondering how to buy an investment property with no deposit, the keyword is equity. Remember that, once you’ve made your first real estate investment, you have equity in that property that you may be able to parlay into the upfront deposit for subsequent properties. Because we choose such high-potential markets—and because these markets allow us to grow the value of the property (and therefore, the client’s equity) to rapidly—we are often able to extract equity from the first property as a means of purchasing second, third and fourth properties.
  • The way we work builds bank trust. To purchase a second investment property soon after your first, you need the banks to trust that you know what you are doing, that you have a sound investment strategy and that you aren’t simply digging a hole of debt you will never be able to repay. Our strategy, and our track record for finding and helping clients purchase cashflow positive properties in growing markets, allows us to grow client portfolios in a way that builds that bank trust and opens up the door for future investments—and for using equity for deposit payments!

We can also help clients understand how to fund real estate investments using other strategies—such as how to invest super in property.

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If you are looking for investment strategies and tips to help you find success in the real estate market, look no further than Strat Prop. Our strategic, data-driven approach to finding the right properties in the right markets provides our clients with a quick road to wealth growth and portfolio expansion, and our ongoing services for tracking investment performance make us a transparent and reliable partner. To get started, contact us today.

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