Remove The Stress & Guess Work When Purchasing Your Biggest Investment

Buying Property
With Purpose

Tailored Planning

Your Investment

Why Do You Need

A Dedicated
Buyers Agent
Remove The Stress & Guess Work When Purchasing Your Biggest Investment

Buying Property
With Purpose
Tailored Planning

Your Investment
Why Do You Need

A Dedicated Buyers

Strat Prop Provides The Highest Quality Services For Your Investment Buying Needs

Time Efficient Systems
Customised Systems Save Us Valuable Time While Driving Your Successful Purchase Forward
Across Market Comparisons
Comparative Market Insights Allow Us Transparent Overviews Into Market Rates
Neighbourhood Research
We Take a Thorough Look Into The Suburb Trends Stats & Insights
Qualified Negotiation Techniques
We’re Able To Plan Our Negotiations Techniques Based On The Information We Have Available To Us
Finance Targeted Strategies
Matching Finance & Ability With The Best Strategic Outcome For You Goals
Neatly Presented Findings
Our Detailed Reports Neatly Display Our Findings & Explain Our Conclusions
Suburb & Street Level Targeting
Data Driven Facts Point Us To Winning Properties With High Potential & Returns
Project Due Diligence & Management
We Take On The Entire Project Under Your Authority. Essentially, We Work For You.
Use The Right Tools

Calculate Your
Properties Potential

Wouldn't you like to know what a particular investment property will cost you to purchase? Maybe you're wanting to understand your returns from a particular property? We understand the importance of being able to accurately assess your financial position when taking on an investment property. Such a large decision needs to be accurately considered and calculated to ensure that you're making the right decision for your investment needs.

Our Online Calculator breaks down the costs involved in buying a property, segments them into easy to understand fields and displays financial results over 10 years.

Now you’ll be able to predict your properties yields, growth, purchasing power and more.

We’ve also included an equity growth forecast, which will allow you to estimate your properties growth within the first 10 years. This is key to the enthusiastic investor who wants to grow a portfolio from the equity of existing or future properties.

Click the link below to get your free PDF report!

Property Investment

1st Time Buyers

Are you looking at buying you 1st investment property?


Renting where you live and looking to buy an investment property?

Buy & Hold

Looking to add to your portfolio with a property in a high growth market?

Reno & Flip

Playing the quick game and willing to put time or money in for fast results?


Interested in putting on the hard hat for some big equity and gains?


How about that second home as a source of income and holiday escape?
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Find Your Solution To Property Success
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Removing The Stress
& Guess Work

“Strat Prop has been trusted and relied on thanks to our proven intelligence in the property buying sector. Through our algorithmic data, educated foresight predictions and vastly knowledgeable partners in the industry, we know where and when to buy and can save you precious time and money in acquiring the right investment for you.

Anybody can buy property, but knowing what the market is doing and understanding its behaviour allows us to create bolstered plans for our investor’s portfolio. Why buy, wait and hope when you can buy, buy and buy again.

It just comes down to the right tactics and planning.”


Darren Venter


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Located on Sydney’s Northern Beach, we meet with our NSW client's face to face and online. We extend our online meeting service Australia wide, and because of this, we also buy nationally, ensuring the best possible results for our clients.

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