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Find the Right Property Investments with Our Regional Buyer’s Agent

Are you a property investor looking for a regional buyer’s agent who can help you navigate the NSW market? If so, look no further than Strat Prop. Not only do we know the regional real estate market in NSW as well as anyone, but we also have a deep and dynamic knowledge of property investment. Indeed, we have a strong track record for helping our clients find and buy properties in markets with high growth potential. We look forward to working with you soon.

What Sets Strat Prop Apart as a Regional Investment Buyer’s Agent?

What makes our approach to regional investment property such a boon for our clients? Here are a few reasons why we have been able to make a massive difference for our clients since establishing Strat Prop in 2018:

  • We back up all our decisions and recommendations with data. Investing based on your gut can yield a mix of results, from excellent to disastrous. We seek to avoid bad investments by backing up our decisions with rich data-driven analyses. By using data to assess regional markets throughout NSW, we are incredibly consistent about selecting markets that are about to see a boom in value.
  • We help our clients get in on the ground floor. When you buy a regional investment property, you want something that is going to grow in value quickly. These properties become cash flow positive investments for our clients, which in turn help accumulate ROI quickly.
  • We look to the future. Real estate investing isn’t just about finding one high-value property and buying it. On the contrary, it’s about establishing a dynamic portfolio with a range of cash flow positive properties, all of them delivering streams of income to your bottom line. Even with the first investment, we strive to help our clients look to the future and take a longer view for growing their portfolios. Fortunately, simply having cash flow positive properties lends itself well to future investment success, as the growth and profit gain trust with banks and create equity for future investments.

What to Expect from Strat Prop as Your Regional Buyer’s Agent

What should you expect when you buy your first residential investment with us? Here are a few of the key pieces behind our MO as a business:

  • We handle everything. When you team up with us, we manage everything so that you don’t have to make property investing your full-time job. We’ll create your investment plan/profile, source your properties, liaise with other players (real estate agents, lawyers, conveyancers, pest inspectors, etc.). We’ll also handle all pre-purchase due diligence and work with you on post-purchase repairs or maintenance, assist you in hiring property managers, help you monitor investment cash flow and more.
  • We peruse the market. The best way to find great investment properties? Playing the field. We use sophisticated data analysis tools to segment the nation’s best real estate markets and find the highest-potential investments. Sometimes, the best strategy for you might be investing in rural property in NSW. Sometimes, it might mean buying a house in a hot suburb in another state. Even when hired as a regional buyer’s agent, we’ll help you take a nationwide view.
  • We aim for equity growth. Why do we care so much about high growth potential properties? When a property you own gains value, you own that value, which gives you more equity. In turn, this equity can be parlayed into deposit money for future property investments. Banks are more likely to trust property investors whose assets are gaining value, hence our approach.

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