Putting our best foot forward. Taking the time to understand who you are, allows us to purchase what you need

Strat Prop finds and secures exceptional investment properties throughout Australia efficiently, at the best possible price for our clients.

Our tailored operation approach means we’re flexible. If we aren’t within meeting distance, no problem! Our detailed discovery calls give us the ability to construct a robust investment plan but pulling out all the information we need by way of online meetings, shared data portholes and the good old phone call.

For Strat Prop communication is key. We understand you’re busy, so we’ll notify you at every step that you want to, or need to be contacted, you get to choose.

We’re always on standby and understand the urgency. You’ll have direct access to your personal buyers’ agent at all times. Email, mobile, text or pigeon, we’ll be sure to keep in close contact.

Our dedicated team will take the time to understand your exact requirements so that we can introduce you to unparalleled properties, either currently on the market, or before they come to the open market.


It's your future, plan it to work for you? By looking at your current lifestyle and future needs we create a P L A N for you

P    We look at where in the market your POWER is strongest. We consider your finances, time and other factors to make a concise judgment on your future steps

L    We need to decide on a LOCATION which best suites your power. Finding the right location is key to the primary performance of growth.

A    What ACTION will be undertaken on your property to ensure a secondary means of growth. We want to think about improvements, zoning and uplift.

N    We’re not done, what is out NEXT step? How will be using the equity we’ve gained in the property to move us forward into the next purchase?

Each step of our plan is segmented and detailed, creating a clear understanding of where we want to be and how we’re going to get there. Our plan is improving with each purchase and grows more robust with every new investment property.


Not all markets are created equal

Using our PLAN, we analyze the ideal and comparable markets and investigate the points which align with our needs.

This is our data consideration phase. It is here where our research and investigations uncover hundreds of data points which point us in the right direction. Some of these considerations are:

  • Economic drivers
  • Vacancy rates
  • Amenities and many others.

Once the suburb level investigation is approved, we zone in on the right property. We present our finding to you every step of the way for confirmation on each section.

Our judgements are made and all points are considered. We have selected the correct investment. Our team now undertakes all necessary due diligence, manage all financial and legal matters, negotiate and secure your high strength investment property.


We'll handle it

We have excellent relationships with selling and rental agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, conveyancers and many other industry professionals, all which add to the hassle-free fun experience we guarantee with all our clients.

We take pride in the networks we have created and utilise them to best benefit our clients.

We understand that you might not have a full team on your side, no problem, we’ve got your back and are more than happy to pass out industry favourites over if you need, or we can take the load off your shoulder and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Strat Prop can help you pick winning properties.

Connecting your goals to systematic objectives to get the best outcome for you.
A plan that wins is a plan thought through with purpose and direction
Guiding you with external support and connecting you with our trusted partners
Planning the most effective path for the best possible outcome.
Our service continues into the future, supporting your investment pathway

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