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The quickest and safest way to grow a powerful multi-million dollar property portfolio is by getting the banks to trust you and your financial serviceability. It’s for this reason that we buy cashflow positive properties. 

Not only do the banks favour this model and regard you as a safe asset for their lending products, but the benefit of being cashflow positive can help you repay loans, save for deposits, make improvements to property and manufacture additional equity and so much more.

Primarily investing in cashflow positive properties won’t grow your wealth asset base. For this, we need growth. Imminent growth is our main target, we want to grow fast, which means we hunt for markets which display growth factors of 10% plus.

These markets allow us to grow the equity (the value) of the property which the banks allow us to extract and use as a deposit for the purchase of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th properties. These markets grow quickly, we want to be able to leverage this strategy within the 1st year of our initial purchase. 

This strategy means we need the banks to trust us because we will be borrowing soon after our initial loan, which brings me back to exactly why we purchase cashflow positive properties.

Grow your portfolio with a robust backbone supported by the banks that trust you. We have all the tools which are made available to us to grow our own empires, we just need to implement them in the right way to reap the reward we all want.

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